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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

How to Create Facebook FBML Template?

Everyone knows a social network called FaceBook. It’s the place where lots of people are constantly spending lots of time. It didn’t take a long time for brands and local businesses to join FaceBook too. So when the amount of non-human accounts started to grow, FaceBook guys have decided to add an ability to create separate pages for businesses and brands. Today FaceBook pages can be equipped and customized with a lot of different widgets and applications. However the most important of all is the FBML box – it lets you create awesome landing pages, using HTML, CSS, FBML, FBJS, iframes and even Flash.
In this tutorial we will show you how to design a photographers FaceBook FBML page. Follow carefully what we say and you will get a nice layout like this:

Friday, October 7, 2011

ubislate (आकाश ) भारताचे संशोधन जगातील सर्वात स्वस्त tablet

Long awaited low budget student tablet pc ready to fire in next few days, Indian government announced this Akash tablet on 05.10.2011 by Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal. Datawind ubislate, Akash ubislate, Akash tablet sakshit tablet and a lot of names recorded into people’s mind but everyone do identify this as low budget tablet. Actually it was made by Indian Institute of Technology and they specially targeting to school and college going students. Keep mind that Akash tablet is a entry level tablet.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

श्रीमंत आणि गरीब - ज्याचा त्याचा दृष्टीकोन

एक अति श्रीमंत पिता आपल्या मुलाला एका खेड्यात घेऊन गेला।लोक किती गरिबीत जीवन जगतात हे मुलाला दाखवण्याचा त्याचा उद्देश होता.
एका गरीब कुटुंबात शेतातील घरात दोन दिवस ते राहिले.
आपल्या घरी परततांना त्यने मुलाला विचारले ,
...' कशी झाली ट्रिप ? '
' फारच छान डॅड '
' गरीब लोक कसं जीवन जगतात बघितलंस ना? '
' हो ' मुलगा म्हणाला.
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